Claudia Ehrlicher, your private Dietitian and Health Coach in London

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“Let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food.” Hippocrates

What's the best way for me to lose weight?

How can I include a balanced diet into my daily routine? 

How can I best change my old, bad habits?  

What is the best diet / nutrition in my medical condition?

Is my current diet helping or hindering my health?

Are supplements helpful and will I need them? 

What is gluten / what is gluten free?

Where can I get healthy recipes?

What is the difference between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist? 

3 locations:

 - Wood Green/Bounds Green N22


- Harley Street W1 - The Westlake Clinic


 - Crouch End N8 - 'Project Me' studio

Eating a healthy diet does not have to be difficult!! A few steps in the right direction can often make the difference. Are your questions for example:

...then you are at the right place and all your questions will

be answered in your consultations with Claudia.


Claudia believes that each person has different dietary requirements. Therefore consultations with Claudia are tailored to your individual needs and will help you to lead a healthier lifestyle and achieve your dietetic goals.

With new diets published in the magazines nearly every week it can often feel a challenge to know what is best for you. Claudia communicates clear, sound nutrition information and helps to find the best and most suitable diet that fits into your live.


Claudia Ehrlicher is a registered Dietitian and member of the British Dietetic Association.

She provides dietetic advice for a wide range of conditions and has special interest in health promoting, behaviour change, weight management, digestive problems, coeliac disease, a heart-healthy diet and sports nutrition.


Claudia is also a certified Health Coach which means that she is able to give you valueable advice on the various aspects that influence our diet such as stress management, exercise and general well-being - all tailored to your individual needs..


Based in the North of London, Claudia and also runs a dietetic practice at the Westlake Clinic at number one Harley Street.


In addition to individual 1-2-1 consultations there are other services available:

Menu analysis for restaurants, catering companies and businesses including advice on nutritional content and constructive recommendations to make them healthier.

Nutritional assessments and health related advice to companies as 1-2-1 consultations or as lectures on nutrition and health related topics for groups