Claudia Ehrlicher, your private Dietitian and Health Coach in London

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Consultations and Prices


1-2-1 consultations with Claudia will give you the opportunity to discuss your individual needs and expectations and set your goals.

You will be asked about your lifestyle, your typical food choices and eating patterns, your physical activity and your relevant medical and social history.


Appointments in Wood Green/Bounds Green N22

Wednesday mornings, all day Thursdays & Fridays and Saturday mornings

initial meeting £75 (up to 55 minutes)

follow up meetings £50 (up to 35min)


Appointments in Harley Street W1G

Wednesday evenings

initial meeting £90 (up to 55 minutes)             

follow up meetings £65 (up to 35min)


Appointments in Crouch End N8

Friday afternoons

initial meeting £75 (up to 55 minutes)

follow up meetings £50 (up to 35min)


To book an appointment or for any enquiries, please call me on

078 2761 2261 or 020 8826 0672

or send an email to


Home visits across London are possible upon request.

The fee depends on your location (usually between £30 and £50) and will be added to the consultation fee.

Appointment Cancellation

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please

give at least 24 hour notice. Otherwise you will be charged

the full session price.


All fees are in line with the British Dietetic Association Recommendations.


Accepted Payments:

Cash or cheque on the day of the session or bank transfer prior to the session.

If you prefer payment by bank transfer, please contact me for details.

Card payments: an additional fee of £1.50 will be charged per card transaction


Before your consultation:


After booking your consultation you will receive a questionnaire which you will be required to complete and return at least 2 days before your first session. This enables me to get a good picture of your situation and consider how I can best help you to achieve your goals. It also ensures you get more value from our session time as much of the analysis is carried out in advance.

You might also be required to keep a food diary before your first consultation.


First session - initial meeting includes*:

- continued nutritional and lifestyle assessment

- BMI calculation (and body composition when applic.)

- condition related nutritional advice tailored to fit into your lifestyle

- set up goals and development of a realistic action plan to achieve them

- meal ideas and step by step plan to fit into your lifestyle depending on nutritional requirements and goals

- diet plan


In between sessions:

- email support to help you stay motivated and on track

- you might be requested to keep a food (& symptom) diary


Follow up meetings include*:

- view and discuss progress

- discuss food (& symptom) diary

- diet plan

- working on different topics such as e.g. food choices when eating out / special occasions; how to read food labels, how to stop food cravings etc.

Claudia tries, together with you to find solutions to your problems and helps you to overcomee any difficulties.

Further advice and motivational support to keep you on track


* this may vary depending on client's conditions, needs, priorities