Claudia Ehrlicher, your private Dietitian and Health Coach in London

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Claudia can offer you the following services


1-2-1 consultations:

- 1-2-1 dietetic consultations tailored to your individual needs and that fit into your lifestyly. Nutritional and dietary

advice on a wide range of topics and conditions.

For more information, please go to 'topics' and 'consultations & prices'.


Other services:

- supermarket visits - optimum nutrition in your trolley

- practical help and advice for healthy cooking at home: Claudia can help you to prepare easy, creative and healthy

dishes who fit into your diet and won't keep you busy all day.


- recipe and menu creation

- recipe and menu analysis

- creation of individual meal plans

- BMI calculation - included in 1-2-1 sessions

- calculation of body composition (percentage of body fat, water and muscle mass) - included in 1-2-1 sessions

- dietary analysis based on a food diary system - included in 1-2-1 sessions



- for restaurants, catering companies and businesses including advice on nutritional content and constructive recommendations to make them healthier.

- nutritional assessments and health related advice to companies as 1-2-1 consultations or as lectures on nutrition and health related topics for groups

- cooking classes (facilities need to be provided)


- article writing, contributions to blogs, newsletters and websites