Claudia Ehrlicher, your private Dietitian and Health Coach in London

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Dear Claudia, I'm staggered by the difference you have made to the way I eat. I've dropped a jeans size from 16 to 14 and my 14/16 tops are looking a bit big. I'm thrilled. I am eating much better and I have certainly established a healthier eating pattern. I am proud to say I haven’t touched a bag of crisps since I first came to see you. That alone is a massive achievement for me. Thank you for helping me. Tanya, Bounds Green


I was feeling run down with about a year of 'tummy troubles' which I now understand to be IBS. Claudia pointed me in the right direction with clear, sound diet and lifestyle advice and helped me monitor my diet in a constructive way. I'm now feeling empowered and inspired to manage my symptoms. Highly recommend for great results. Thanks so much. Katie, London


I reached out to Claudia initially because I was struggling with losing extra weight and building muscle despite my constant efforts in the gym. Around that time, I was also struggling with what I know now is IBS. My sessions with her were educational and helped me understand what to eat and how to eat to get closer to my physical goals and for my wellbeing and quality of life. Thanks to her I’m now learning to track my meals and discover what are the meals and habits that work best for me. In 2 months I was able to see and feel the results that have motivated me to stay on track with this new approach to eating. Carlos, London


It is warmly and without reservation that I recommend Claudia for anyone looking for a qualified, fully-experienced, professional (and very friendly!) dietitian. I have learned life-changing habits which I (and my body) will benefit from in the long term. Sylvie, Harley Street

CIaudia, I want to say a HUGE thank you and I mean it. I would have never done it without your guidance and support. I feel I have really achieved what I wanted with your help that has been invaluable. I feel confident again and my eating habits have changed for good. Athena, Bounds Green


Your advice was so great, I feel a million times better energy-wise now. Ellie, Bounds Green


Dear Claudia, It's been a bit of a journey together and a wonderful, life changing transformation for me and I genuinly couldn't have wished for a better human being and professional walking this path with me during this time. I learnt much more than only about food. Thank you for helping and facilitating this wonderful learning space. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your ongoing support, understanding, care, warmth and patience.

Inese, Bounds Green


Claudia was very professional and knowledgable but also easy to talk to. She helped me figure out what was causing my digestion problems using an elimination plan that was easy to follow and helped identify which foods I couldn’t tolerate. After reviewing my food diary she was also able to give me some pointers concerning maintaining a balanced diet to make sure I was getting all the nutrients I need even while eliminating foods that I don’t like or that don’t agree with me. I really liked how she explained everything and talked me through her rationale for all of her suggestions, which has helped me to continue using her suggestions and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. She is also great at checking in and answering any questions via email in between appointments.

Lauren, Crouch End


You've been a great help for us. You showed us the way to lose weight and eat healthier.

Aneta&Rafal, Bounds Green


I went to see Claudia as I had some problems with pain due to polycystic ovary syndrome and other skin related problems. I felt that it was time to make a change to my diet and lifestyle to support my body to the max. I choose Claudia because I read that she was a registered dietitian and had years of experience. It was so interesting to see that the diet I had originally thought was moderately healthy was actually completely unbalanced, high in sugar and lacking specific types of nutrition. The diet plan that Claudia gave me has been very easy to follow (still going strong 3 months later)and I felt the benefits of it within the first week. I think knowing that I am healthy on the inside is also a big motivator for me. I used to eat lots of sugary things but I don't really crave them anymore, however, if I do I can still have a small piece of dark chocolate each day which is always good to know! Claudia was very friendly, professional and helpful. She supported her recommendations with scientific facts and was able to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend going to see her no matter what it's for as I found the experience extremely beneficial to my life and health. This experience will have  lasting effects long into the future as I am now aware of what a balanced, healthy diet actually looks like :) Kerina, Bounds Green


Claudia is very motivational and gives logical and well-justified explanations of diet. She makes it a pleasure to be reminded to eat healthily! Highly recommended. Oliver, Bounds Green


Many thanks for putting me on the right track and helping me take control again! R. A. Harley Street


I would like to thank you very much for all your help and advice and for kick starting my weight loss. You really encouraged me to change my eating habits and I have so appreciated your guidance. Judith, Wood Green


I followed the recommendations you gave me. Within two days, I started feeling better and within a week I felt nearly 100% recovered. Thank you once again. I've passed along your name to my friend and will recommend you to others as well. Very much appreciated your help! Rachel, Little Venice


Thank you so much for all the advice and help. I will certainly recommend you to others. Karin, Little Venice


Your very analytical and very personal approach to our diet issues meant that we could finally achieve the changes we so desperately wanted to make. Thank you so much for helping our family. You are a truly dedicated professional, but also simply just a lovely person! Erika, Wood Green

I have started feeling so much better. For the first time in a long time I have control over what I eat (not the other way round). Only now I realised how tired I was. I am so awake and clear minded like I have not been in a long time. Thank you very much for all your advice. For a long time I had some doubts that I would ever get better and I thought that the state of misery is to stay with me for good. I am very pleased that I contacted you back in June (despite the fact that I was very reluctant to show up :-). I have been feeling better from the moment when we started working together but I think that this is only now when my body has come back to some sort of normality. I really didn't know how poorly I was. If I hadn’t started seeing you in June I would most likely have a full blown eating disorder by now. Thank you so much. Diana, Wood Green


I really appreciated what you have done for me. Your guidance has helped me a lot, in not only managing my weight, but also in building healthy eating habits. Monica, Little Venice


Thank you for all your wisdom and help. I feel as though taking proactive steps to regulate my nutrition was so very positive for me. And it was just what I needed to gain a better perspective on life in general. Carol, Little Venice

Dear Claudia,Thank you so much for the session; you gave a lot of really great advice and structure. I appreciate it very much, especially your expertise with coeliac disease. Cate, Little Venice