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“Healthy eating is a way of life,

so it’s important to establish routines

that are simple, realistically, and

ultimately livable.”  

~ Horace


Appointments can be via video call, telephone or in person. Home visits may be available upon request.

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With new diets published in the magazines nearly every week it can often feel a challenge to know what is best for you and since we know not one person is like another diets too, need to be tailored to the individual's needs.

Each person has different dietary requirements and consultations with LONDON DIETITIAN are tailored to every clients' unique needs because this will help lead to a healthier lifestyle and achieve your dietetic goals.


Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach.

I believe I can work with you, and empower you to take control of your diet, your lifestyle and your health. Together we will set appropriate and attainable goals, and I will guide and motivate you to achieve them. I am experienced to help with a wide range of conditions and have a special interest in digestive problems, coeliac disease, a heart-healthy diet and in the arena of sports nutrition.

We will build strategies for change, and a plan to implement them to suit your lifestyle, with a holistic approach combining good diet, behaviour and mindset changes and physical activity that will keep you focused on your end goal:

A happier and healthier YOU!

Claudia Ehrlicher

A few steps in the right direction can often make all the difference

Conditions that respond to dietary changes:

NOTE: Please ask if you suffer from a condition that is not listed below

Post Covid Syndrome


Digestive Health





Acid Reflux

Foods Sensitivities / Intolerances

Hormonal Health

Underactive Thyroid

Overactive Thyroid




Conditions like

Diabetes / high blood sugar

High blood pressure (hypertension)

High cholesterol

Heart diseases

Nutrition and Cancer > LEARN MORE

Gout and raised uric acid levels

Pulmonary & Respiratory diseases



Skin conditions (e.g. Psoriasis, Rosacea)

Weight Management

Immune system

Frequent Infections

Low Immune system


Autoimmune Conditions

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Coeliac Disease > LEARN MORE





and more

Stress, Sleep & Energy


Disturbed Sleep

Low Energy Levels

Low Mood


Low Appetite



  • Assessment of your lifestyle, your typical food choices and eating patterns without judgement.
  • Overview of your physical activity, relevant medical and social history.
  • Discuss your individual needs and expectations and set achievable goals, build strategies for change, and a plan to implement them.
  • Ongoing guidance, support and motivation is provided to maximise success.

Corporate & Groups

  • Menu analysis for restaurants, catering companies and businesses, advice on nutritional content and recommendations to make them healthier.
  • Nutritional assessments and health related advice to companies consultations or lectures on nutrition and health related topics for groups.
  • Cooking classes (facilities need to be provided)
  • Writing blogs articles for newsletters and websites.

You want to make sure we are a good fit before committing to anything? Please contact me for a 15 minute FREE non-committal chat to see if I can help you and discuss possible next steps.

Registered Dietitian vs. Nutritional Therapist?

All Dietitians are Nutritionists but not all Nutritionists are Dietitians.

Only those Dietitians registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) can call themselves a Dietitian.




Sadly, anyone can call themselves a Nutritional Therapist.

Nutritional Therapists do not have to be registered with a professional body.
A Which? investigation has found that some advice given by high street Nutritional Therapists could seriously harm a persons' health.
Anyone who is worried about their health is advised to visit their GP who can refer them to a registered Dietitian for tailored, evidence-based dietary advice.

is not a protected profession. Many Nutritionists graduate from university and have a huge amount of experience but there are also many that don't. As a layman it can be difficult to find out the difference and whether it's the 'real thing' or just someone who completed a weekend course. Don't get dazed by the many letters behind a name - do your research.

More detailed information on the high standards required of a Registered Dietitians can be found on the HPCP website here.

The BDA has created a short video explaining what it is I do and how I help: