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Healthy diet and general nutrition for adults

Eating a healthy diet is vital for maintaining your health and preventing diseases such as coronary hearth disease, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure and avoiding nutrient deficiency.

Example Vitamin D:

VITAMIN D is a very important vitamin which is required to help aid bone health. During the WINTER months it is very difficult to obtain the right amount of Vitamin D, as the main source of this vitamin comes from the SUN.

More and more people are becoming Vitamin D deficient and this is leading to more health problems!

With limited sun exposure during the winter months, we are at risk of becoming Vitamin D deficient. I would recommend that you have your vitamin D status checked, by asking your doctor to carry out a blood test. If you have very low levels, this can impair your health and functionality. When you are deficient in this vitamin it can show in extreme tiredness and muscle weakness.

Main food source of vitamin D are: oily fish and liver and many cereals are fortified with this vitamin. However you need to eat regularly of these foods in order to meet your recommended daily allowance and this is almost impossible to achieve through diet alone.

RDA = ADULTS < 70y = 600 IU

            ADULTS > 70y = 800 IU

(Daily recommendations according to the food and nutrition board)

In cases where you have extremely low levels, you may be given vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin D deficiency is very bad for bone health and can lead to future bone disease (Osteoporosis)

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