Nutrition and Cancer


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Nutrition and Cancer

Are you looking for a diet that cures cancer?

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that no diet can do that.

Please, don't believe any of the promises you might find on the internet, in books and magazines or from stories you might have heard. They will bring up your hopes only to crash them down again.

There is no scientific proof that any of those ‘cancer diets’ can cure the disease.

But diet & nutrition can certainly do something for you: it can help to

-PREVENT certain types of cancer

-IMPROVE RECOVERY after treatment

-Deal better with SIDE EFFECTS of cancer treatment


As a cancer survivor myself I can certainly understand how you must be feeling if you or a loved one were diagnosed with the disease.

I’d be happy to talk to you about any aspects of nutrition and diet related to cancer – being it for yourself or a loved one.


Registered Dietitian or Nutritional Therapist - what are the differences?