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After a very helpful initial consultation, Claudia provided me with a new diet plan, through simple tips and by introducing a new healthier approach to food and to eating in general. I'd always had a fairly healthy diet but Claudia taught to improve on this and adapt my ways to better manage portions, control fat/sugar content etc. Claudia's approach was not to deprive or totally exclude foods/drinks I loved - but to have it in smaller portions or to adapt ways to eat them/substitute ingredients so I never felt deprived or hungry.

She also gave me some good tips on exercise and motivated me throughout by providing constant support, tips and warm encouragements. I recorded meals/exercise in an online journal which she fed back on regularly, this helped us both monitor my progress and stay on track.

This was a gradual, fairly slow but gentle long lasting process and with Claudia's tremendous moral support and constructive positive feedback, I felt supported throughout and proud of my achievements.

I have learned life-changing habits which I (and my body) will benefit from in the long term.

I contacted Claudia in Oct 2015 to help me with weight loss (my objective was to shed off 20kg, bringing me from 85kg to my original 65kg weight). I'd gradually put on weight five years running, bringing me well over my BMI -  frustration and physical discomfort were becoming too much to bear. Strenuous gym sessions and my own dieting efforts weren't paying off, I therefore resorted to finding professional help via the British Dietetic Association.

One year later I have lost 20 kgs, 13% of body fat and gained 5% muscle, restoring my weight to a healthy 23 BMI (compared to 30 when I started)

Claudia comments: It's now been nearly 4 years since our last session. Sylvie has updated me and told me that she has been able to maintain her weight. All changes to diet, eating behaviour and lifestyle have become second nature to her.

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